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InuYasha Memes - Karma?? xD - Wattpad

InuYasha Memes - Karma?? xD

xD from the story InuYasha Memes by Kag-Chan (¡InuKag Forever Bitches!

Inuyaha and his older half-brother Sesshomaru shown under their respective mothers with their father  at the top

A family tree! Inu No Taisho & Irasue: Sesshomaru. Inu No Taisho & Izayoi: Inuyasha. 〖 Inuyasha Sesshomaru Sesshoumaru Izayoi Inu No Taisho mother father 〗

La reazione di tutti noi

Sota killing InuYasha and Kagome's almost kiss - InuYasha: The Final Act, ep. 18 screenshots, funny meme so freaking true

Sesshomaru's FUR secret revealed by wangqr on deviantART

This is sort of a Sess/Rin fanart, but it also reveals one big secret of Sesshomaru OOO: I didn't put Jakken into this coz he is such a lightbulb >_&.

inuyasha | galeria completa por megaupload


Sesshomaru's team: Sesshomaru, Jaken, Rin, Ah-Un (and Kohaku later).