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Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

close up images of petrified wood | Petrified Wood

close up images of petrified wood

Polished Slice of Petrified-Wood: The image shows the center of a polished slice of a petrified tree from the late Triassic period (approximately 230- million-years-ago) found in Arizona.

Petrified wood forms when plant debris is buried by sediment and then replaced by deposition of mineral material dissolved in groundwater.

Petrified Wood Lava Coffee Table

Polished and unique, the Petrified Wood Coffee Table is striking. It will surely be a statement piece in any room.

CIL71kRUkAAs6gU.png:large (500×332)

CIL71kRUkAAs6gU.png:large (500×332)

This stunning photo illustrates mineral formation of a fossilized dinosaur bone

This page contains a Hoffman modulation contrast/polarized light combination photomicrograph of a duck-billed dinosaur (hadrosaur) bone.