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Excellent fashion and beauty shots by the brilliant photographer Svetlana Belyaeva. fashion beauty photography - Gift for women and girls, wedding

Ophila nature's fairytale storybook.

She does this because when our Ciel was scared during the night she would sing to him to help him sleep, most of the time She would fall asleep singing and it became a habit in her sleep.

"Ive been waiting for your arrival for 39 days. Counting today. Counting yesterday. Ive been waiting, thinking you forgot about us. Ive been getting older and now its my time to go. With my last breath I say, "You should have came faster"

What Type Of Princess Are You?

Amymone was an Argive princess who was seduced by the god Poseidon when she came to Lerna in search of water during a drought.

A guardian of the woods and a weaver of fairy tales

Model: Turið Elinborgardóttir MUA/Hair: Rannveig Gregersen Hansen Flower Crown: Tóra Hansen - Akkuleya Dress: OneofOne by Maibritt Kokholm Photographer: Lydia Hansen