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Strzyga : Female demon in Slavic folklore possessing two souls in a single body, identifiable by double hearts and sets of teeth.  One soul passes on, the second remains with the body; it hunts at night as an owl, attacking travelers and those who wander  heart attack prevention life

THOSE WHO HAUNT THE EARTH: STRZYGA “ A strzyga is a female demon in Slavic folklore. They are born to human parents, possessing two souls in a single body and are identifiable by their double hearts.

Photographer: Jens Moiré Stylist: Lorand Lajos Hair/Makeup: Valentina Gottardo Make-up Artist Model: Sina Domino Collins

Lady Gaga

In Lady Gaga was wearing a shoe hat while she was in a photoshop for her new album Born This Way. and it is pretty clear that the designer of this hat was inspired by the talented Elsa Schiaparelli's shoe hat. For checkpoint.

Loz, Leicester (UK)

More Goths of the Siouxsie Sioux eyes, Ian McCulloch hair and lots and lots of black. Crank up the Bauhaus and release the bats!