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Defan&Dalaric: "Even the bear knew"

XD Damon is crazy as always but Alaric's line was totally KO for me. XDDD So, this scene was just EP. Even the bear knew

This was my reaction

My exact reaction when this happened! The middle school girl in me wanted to yell "Tattle-tale!

Damon Salvatore

Damon & Elena from Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev My favourite aspect of this drawing are the colours: the yin and yang between war. Vampire Diaries - Damon and Elena

Damon: Oh dios mio, ella es tan molesta. Elena: Quién es ? Damon: ¿Quién es éste? Elena: Elena ... Damon: Correcto. Espere. Damon: Oh mi dios es tan molesto. Alaric: Lo sé. Sólo deshacerse de ella

The Vampire Diaries Memes (TVD), Damon Salvatore Funny Pictures

The Mean Girls- Vampire Diaries cross. Alaric Saltzman x Damon Salvatore x Elena Gilbert - Matt Davis x Ian Somerhalder x Nina Dobrev