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Édouard Boubat, Le café ‘La Tartine’, Paris, ca 1980 Things that Quicken the Heart: Black & White - Windows - Looking In, Looking Out

Everytime I'd see children running around on the Champ de Mars, this image would come alive in my head. Another one of Doisneau's photographs

Robert Doisneau: Le remorqueur du Champs de Mars, Paris, 1943 Walters smith Honore this would be such a cute picture to reenact with Cecily and Ambrose when they are older. Obviously maybe not in Paris though haha

ccccaradelevingne: “ daughteroftheninetails: “ truangles: “ truangles: “ Cara Delevingne coloured by Parrot feathers by Me, see the rest of my art here ” Hory shet, 10000 notes.

Saul Leiter, 1948. | En Route

Reminded me of Draco Malfoy Looks like he is on the Muggle train to. (It's originally Saul Leiter Kutztown 1948 photographe célèbre)

dream in the forest ata kando - Sök på Google

Ed van der Elsken, Ata Kandó Looks at a Photograph with a Lamp, Paris, 1953 Ata Kando at the Kahmann Galery Amsterdam

Three Men, New York (1961), photographed by Steve Schapiro.

Steve Schapiro, Three Men, New York, 1961 Born in New York City in Steve Schapiro agraduated from Bard College. Schapiro’s photographs were included in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s

vivian maier, a live-in nanny and passionate street photographer on/off the job .. died in 2009 at age 83.  two years before her death, 100,000 negatives and 100's of unprocessed rolls of film were discovered in a unclaimed storage locker .. and auctioned off for delinquent rent. extremely private, she had never shown her extraordinary work to anyone and known facts were few. read more here ..  http://www.vivianmaier.com/about-vivian-maier/

Amazing Mystery Photographer Comes To Fame After Her Death

Una giornata con Vivian Maier - Vivian Maier / Maloof Collection-Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York


indubio: “ preciousandfregilethings: icancauseaconstellation: Margaret Bourke-White Hats in the Garment District, New York, 1930 ”