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RNJR Attack by RustyArtist on DeviantArt

"This is it, guys! Let's finish them with an All-Out Attack!

Here we see the brief final moments of poor Juane's short life

RWBY Comic: And here we see the brief final moments of poor Jaune's short life.

people who now  both will understand the joke

Those who have seen the Blizzard animated short 'Dragons' and have also watched RWBY (specifically Vol. will get this joke.


I want to me a black samta that smokes what looked to be a joint and hands out deadly weapons to kids

Team STRQ. Summer, Taiyang, Raven, and Qrow

Summer, Taiyang, Raven, and Qrow. Can we seriously get this as a spinoff series

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JNPR Poster by Liansa.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I've been working on this poster for over a few months now. It is unfortunate that the creator of RWBY and voice actor of Lie Ren, Monty Oum, has passed.

like mother like daughter | RWBY | Know Your Meme

like mother like daughter

Kumafromtaiwan, the author of Henceforward, and I did a series of collab pics of our versions of Team RWBY for funsies. I had Bumblebee and she had White Rose. You can read her manga here: kumafrom.