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Lady-warrior armor project completed | News, armstreet news, new medieval armor, medieval and renaissance costume products :: ArmStreet

News, armstreet news, new medieval armor, medieval and renaissance costume products

Cool pose.

How to Make a Bow and Arrow. Once the weapon of choice for everyone from Native American hunters to Turkish armies, the bow is one of the oldest hunting (and fighting) tools on Earth. While it is not a match for modern weaponry -- or.

Herr Der Ringe Elben Kostüm Verkleidung

Bogenschützin-Kostüm und Waldelfen-Themenshooting

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Contrary to eighteenth century French artist's imaginative art, the Picts did not run around the windy and cold highlands in their birthday suits. From the movie Centurion, Etain.

Mittelalter Bogeschütze Tasche

Medieval Archer Thigh Bowman Leather Quiver looks like something one of the more girly hunters would wear

Lady archer - not a longbow, but note the cut on her blouse, and the quiver style on a simple weapons belt w/ waist cincher.

horseback archery - my dream that I want to come true! This is so awesome!

Archer of the wood

Yet another tough decision. I love all the costumes, but Legolas' seems really comfortable and practical. Those boots are pretty sweet too. I'd love to wear a costume like this!

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