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Be real. Be you. Be gracious. Be humble. Oh, and laugh out loud. Alwayz

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Women who wear black

"Women Who Wear Black Lead Colorful Lives." - Neiman Marcus quote To my mom, who taught me how to teach, how to accessorize, and dear heavens wear black because it is true women who wear black do lead colorful lives!

so true (for me) I keep removing stuff from all over the place, and there's still too much things!//

Having a smaller wardrobe and realizing that I am more happy with my clothes than I ever have been has made me realize that I have many areas of life that I could dump stuff out of and reclaim happiness in these areas of my life too!

Tidy Room Tidy Mind

tidy room tidy mind - the reason behind my "clean before doing any work" problem

Stay True To You & You Will End Up Incredibly Happy

Stay true to you and you will end up incredibly happy - quote inspiration

J'en rêve! I would love!

One of my favorite things to do, spend time at home with my family.

@ImanAgelessChic knows best!

IMAN Global Chic Runway Glamour 2 Tees and Jeweled Necklace Set

"Good Shoes Take You Good Places."

One of my favorite parts of styling is finding the perfect pair of shoes to complete an outfit. Shoes can make or break how you feel and your comfort level. And a good pair of shoes takes you to good places!

The Everygirl

10 Easy Ways to Style Hair


Photo (A well traveled woman)

"MANIFESTO Do good work Every problem can be solved Stay noble Less is always an option Don't be afraid to say no Be perfectlly clear Never lie" -Joseph Barone