Mike Dimayuga's Spider-Man redesign

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And finally here's a few colour variations to provide a black-suit alternative to the more traditional colours - both a Venom like colouration, and a Neon version to resemble a suit he wore more re...

Facsimile Spider-Man - Black Suit/Neon Suit by Christhopper

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Spiderman - Ultimate Symbiote [FINAL] by TheRedVampx1 on deviantART

My final entry for Comic Con Challenge made the design a bit expressive and also changed some features, keeping it very close to Spidey. Concept: Spiderman merges with Venom and Car.

What if spiderman had mjlnor

my ideas for 'mighty spider-man' for the fear itself event, as opposed to 'tron spider-man with lobster claw action' gotta put some fear into the hearts of your enemies --- edit: cleaner and i put .

By Leonardovincent

Imagine Spidey in One of These Fan Designed Costumes!