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French Bulldog at the Beach

French Bulldog at the Beach

doggydoggydoggydoggypuppy by Tatu Ollanketo, via Flickr Frenchies

Minttu, Doris, Greta, Ida & Hertta right behind up. Trigged with Phottix Tetra.

GAHHH... I want this to be my children!

dannybrito: “ like i literally don’t think i’d be able to survive seeing this group of pups at once… i’d die right on the spot. ” My 3 fave types of dogs: bull dogs, pugs, and frenchies

SQUEE!!  Frenchies

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Hey, Why You No Play with Me?' French Bulldog Puppy and his Older Brother.

Need thing dog

French Bulldog - Playful and Smart

This little French Bulldog looks cool with the red sunglasses. PP: 'Conchita Del Sol', French Bulldog at the Beach.

Too Sweet

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I'm not sure where your sock went...

"in fact I've never even SEEN your sock", 😜😚 guilty Buhi, French Bulldog Puppy