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✅Grayhound Temperament: even tempered, athletic, gentle, quiet, intelligent, affectionate Height:27-28 inches

Top 5 Healthiest Dog Breeds Breed Greyhound: This breed is relatively free from any type of genetic disorders found .

Dog - Greyhound - Rescue - Photography

Dog - Greyhound - Rescue - The one on the right looks just like Duke.

There'll probably be tons of gray hounds for adoption in Kansas because of the races. :(

Love this greyhound scarf, think mine will be getting one for Christmas this year!

Saving Greys - Rescued greyhound Flak living the good life in Texas

Saving Greys - Rescued greyhound Flak living the good life in Texas Let's do this for the Greyhounds in Arizona and any state that endorsed the cruelty and enjoyment of racing them for money.

Greyhounds will help you stay active and lower stress levels! Not to mention they are adorable and loving companions.

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Looks just like Kona . Maybe Chris will get an allergy shot so we can get another Italian Greyhound .

Chloe, an adorable Italian Greyhound.

Instagram Post by curoan (@curoan)

I love my Italian Greyhounds

My Iggy looks EXACTLY like the White/Blue Iggy in this picture! Look so much a like that if this beauty came for a visit, I would not be able to tell them apart!

I have an Italian Greyhound and have considered adopting/rescuing a big one. Some friends of mine who own big one's said that they are the LAZIEST dog's! I think my little IG would really keep the large one in shape!   03739926ac72767b240b29109ef4d710.jpg (540×720)

Greyhound and Italian Greyhound Big dogs, small dogs, tall dogs, short dogs, all sighthounds are wonderful!