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Barn in NW Arkansas

Barn in NW Arkansas. My mother was an artist, she did oil paintings and water colors. Old barns was one of her fav things to paint, and she would come here to visit me and wed drive around to get pics of old barns like this one.

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FARMHOUSE – BARN – vintage early american barn commonly used for storing farm equipment, storage of harvested crops, or providing shelter for livestock, weathered barn scenic nature country old barn weathered.

Rusted tin roof with barn gray.  They make a new metal roof that is a lifetime roof and it is made to rust quickly but lasts forever.  A lifetime roof is just that...good for a lifetime.  If it has to be replaced it covers metal (or shingles) and labor.  Good investment.  Just a thought for the future.

Reminds me of the barn I grew up playing around. My brother and I would walk to the barn every afternoon to play and check on the horses. I miss country life.

Summertime on the farm - reminds me of my childhood summers in Missouri =)

Wisconsin Barn Preservation Program - Our Klecker family farm is gone, but will always be remembered and loved . at least by my generation. We were the last of the kids and we are the last to remember "The Farm".

Old barn and big weather vane

/ Photo "Wind Mill Farm" by Robert Wood. Dad made a windmill similar to this.


RUSTIC, RURAL, CLASSIC BARN: Beautiful color -- must have been stunning when freshly painted but weathered with time, it has its own distinctive look. Put a SUV instead of a tractor, Reminds me so much of my grandparents farm.