Wax Pencil Bird Drawings by Christina Empedocles

Wax Pencil Bird Drawings by Christina Empedocles. Love the Black and White Drawing.

Drawings by Christina Empedocles

Drawings by Christina Empedocles, on Creative Journal: a showcase of inspiring design, art, architecture and photography.

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Christina Empedocles


These amazing wax pencil bird drawings by San Francisco based artist Christina Empedocles are inspired by early morning bird watching trips when she was on

Christina Empedocles

workman: “ mmmmmmmmmy: “ yaibasaya: “ nuvo: “ waverider-clips: “ tobia: “ CHRISTINA EMPEDOCLES A Murder of 2010 Wax pencil on Paper 22 x 18 inches ” ”

Maki Mococo Large Print- Emma J Shipley

Emma J Shipley's fine, archival quality prints from her original pencil drawings in small, numbered editions.