Roman Legionary, II century A.D. - 75mm Box Set - Ancient Rome

m Fighter Royal Army Plate Helm Shield Cloak Sword miniature Roman Legionary, II century A.

Character Concept Voting for February 2015 - Polycount Forum

m Barbarian shield Sword-of-jehammed Final by Marko-Djurdjevic on deviantART

featherghale knight - Поиск в Google

m Fighter NE Crossbowman Cloak Reaper or the Red Castle Guard featherghale knight - Поиск в


Iorveth (Polish: Iorweth) is an elf, a well-known hater of humans, responsible for burning many.

RPG Female Character Portraits : Photo

Odalyn, praying for Thor's protection. Female character I painted for the Character Design Challenge. I've always been in love with viking culture, and .