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Sorvete colorido!

10 cents a scoop ice cream cones at Thrifty drugstores.my favorite flavors were pineapple coconut, black cherry, and chocolate malted crunch.

lavender ice cream

intensefoodcravings: “ Lavender Ice Cream ” yum Lavender ice cream is life. When I can eat bad things again I’m coming for you.

Yum. How'd they do that?

ICING Rainbow is the best ice cream flavor. The Most Perfect Looking Victoria Sponge Cake from Vintage and Cake pack

Eternal love and beauty - The Lovers of Valdaro. Neolithic human skeletons found in Valdaro, near Mantua, Italy, in 2007

It's Romeo & Juliet ------- NO NO NO! Romeo and Juliet was set in Verona. Romeo was exiled to Mantua after killing Tybalt, but Juliet never went to Mantua! They died in the Capulet monument in VERONA.

Movie facts.. the phone thing is not cool.. hope he bought them new phones, what its annoying to have phones right and have to redue things. thats not ok..

These are actually some interesting movie facts. I always wondered about the one from Brave.

Streetview 2.0

Streetview 2.0

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