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How to make adorable DIY scrap wood Christmas trees for your mantel this holiday season

~ glass teardrop Christmas tree ~

Glass teardrop Christmas tree ~ by kobunecraft, "I made this tree for the requiem of the victims of the Japan Tohoku earthquake.

Hanging lights and garland on stucco

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Stucco

It can be perplexing when it's time to hang the Christmas lights on your home's stucco exterior. You need to safely secure the lights without damaging the finish on your.

Putting Lights on a Christmas Tree...The EASY WAY from a professional.

STRING THE LIGHTS THE EASY WAY; Putting lights on a Christmas Tree, for some is a laborious chore. The act of going around and around, trying to get the lights evenly placed can wear you down


Dress your tree in elegant beauty this Christmas with the Set of Six Glitter Icicles that are made of stunning swirling silver finished with glitter.

Gardens Aglow at Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, MA Cape Cod

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