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Terrarium - Healing Crystals - Terrarium Kit - Glass Terrarium - Crystal Garden - Gypsy - Metaphysical - Raw Crystals and Stones

How To Embrace Your Personal Magic Every Single Day | The Tao of Dana

How To Embrace Your Personal Magic Every Single Day // Crystal Fairy Vibes

The magnificent partially transparent Rock Crystal Bathtub by Baldi is the only one of its kind in the world. Carved from a single block of rock crystal from Amazonia, the huge bath is large enough for two and boasts a polished interior that contrasts beautifully with its natural semi-rough exterior. View the video of the bathtub displayed in Harrods here:

Rock Crystal Bath Tub - The bathtub is carved out of a solid Rock Crystal block found in

Crystal sink

Today we're talking about home decoration fellow lazy penguins. More specifically, about unique and cool looking sinks that compliment the neatest kitchens and

Caesarstone.  Would be fun backsplash for bar area.

Caesarstone Concetto Blue Agate Reminiscent of deep ocean blues and low tide turquoise. This stone is for the discerning home owner seeking individuality. This stone looks magical when used as a feature wall and backlit.

Labradorite sink

Look out for these 5 home decor trends in These furniture types, materials, color, accents, and time period could dominate homes this year.

Amythest sink counter top

Unicorn paint with glow in the dark powder. Amethyst precious stone countertop designed by Masa Studios.