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Japanese calico cat tea pot and tea cup. I need these for my next book cover!


Cats: Gracing households since 2000 BC. Adopt a cat to grace your household!

What makes a black cat black? You can see that she has a reddish undertone in certain light.

Are they just tabbies in disguise? Why do they sometimes "rust?" Get your geek on with me as I explore the science behind my favorite felines.

Cat and Yarn Stemless Wine Glasses--Set of 4 by Mary Elizabeth Arts

Paint gold fish on glass cups, fill it with water, and make it look like a fish bowl?

cat figurines

Vintage collection of ceramic cats, meow! If only I had kept all of my childhood collection.

photo: The Honeypot (Соблазн) | photographer: Andy Prokh | WWW.PHOTODOM.COM

LiLu, Blue Royal Lady, photography by Andy Prokh - Ego - AlterEgo