This is wonderful! I don't think it's being there from the beginning that makes you a fan, it's being there until the end! I am just getting into the best fandoms ever and honestly, I haven't been there from the beginning but I'll be here until the end!

Yes.  Too true.

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~<<<I just had the weirdest idea/canon. In the divergent world there are fandom factions, e. but the Divergents are called Fangirls/Fanboys.

When your favorite character survives until the end of the story... This is a feeling unknown to me.

When your favorite character survives until the end of the story. This is a feeling unknown to me.< I have only half way felt this since my favorite characters of HP were practically two halves but one is now dead.

If you are in ANY fandom repub this GIF

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Doctor Who,Sherlock,Five Nights at Freddy's,My little Pony<<<<<<<The Hunger Games<<<<<<Marvel>>>>>>>>>Fall Out Boy<<<<<<<<<<EXO>>>>Percy Jackson!<<<< Sherlock -----The Maze Runner


Is it even possible to be in only one fandom?<---no because one fandom leads to all the others.its usually harry potter.------harry potter is a gateway fandom


horrible to think about. You really can't forget fandoms that affect your life so never can forget them.