This is so true

My friends aren't really interested in anime so I have no one to watch it with. And my internet friends watch anime but we can't get together to watch it so.

The Motives of a Protagonist by cupcakeninja11 on DeviantArt. Oh Kaneki xD

The Motives of a Protagonist by on DeviantArt In order FMA Attack on Titan Tokyo Ghoul<< poor kaneki XD

Ouran High School Host Club 10

Ever since the day he helped her up after a nasty tumble, Black Magic Club member Reiko Kanazuki has been obsessed with Hunny. She is devoting all her knowledge of the dark arts to curse him and steal

All but Tamaki... He's good looking yes xD, but I don't know, I just don't really like him

What anime should you be in?

Anime Meme

remember: when they dressed up like that they were trying to get haruhi back, and if she left, they would kiss,kiss, fall in debt instead of kiss,kiss, fall in love

Kyoya, I was wondering that too.I'm more interested in the purple lipstick.<< Is that Mascara or does he have really pretty eyelashes and i never noticed