Spanning the massive multi-building rooftop of a construction company, this black-and-white mural of a lounging girl might just be the largest ever painted. Commissioned by French duo Ella & Pi...

French Artists Ella & Pitr Create the World’s Largest Outdoor Rooftop Mural for the NuArt Festival in Norway - Street I Am -

Радужные детские галактики в стрит-арте Seth Globepainter

Colorful street art by Seth Globepainter Artist Julien “Seth” Malland aka Seth Globepainter has become known around the world for his vibrant murals of people, most frequently children, who appear to.

Ella & Pitr

Ella & Pitr

Street Art By Brazilian Artist Tinho On The Streets Of Frankfurt, Germany.

Mural in Frankfurt, Germany by Brazilian street artist Walter Nomura aka Tinho

Street Art

The 40 Best Examples Of Street Art In 2013

Street Art by Lodz, Poland based Graffiti artist Przemek Blejzyk.

Street Art by Przemek Blejzyk

Street Art by Etam Cru Lodz, Poland based street artists Bezt and Sainer teamed up and created gigantic murals on side building walls throughout Poland.

Yoga Center in Asheville, NC

"La Casa Pintada" The Painted House by Anarkía, Flaxtl , Belin. In Linares, Spain .I get the feeling that the occupants of this house view the world with color and speak colorfully!

... o Artista Que Embeleza Paredes... Nas Ruas de Paris

By day, Charles Leval is an artist and teacher in Paris. In his spare time, he’s a street artist that goes by the name Levalet and has been adding some humor onto the streets of Paris since a…