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Travertine Pools of Pamukkale, Turkey, by hexodus..., via Flickr

Pamukkale- in Aegean area of Turkey. Literally means ‘cotton castle.’ Array of hot springs and travertines featuring various natural therapeutic chemicals.

A Road Trip Across America is Awesome. 21 Pictures that Will Prove You This

A Road Trip Across America is Awesome. 21 Pictures that Will Prove You This

Pacific Coast Highway, California/Oregon/Washington These 21 Great American Road Trips Prove How Badass This Country Is

Norway hotsprings

Blue Lagoon Hot Springs, Iceland man-made bodies of water, but the springs are heated naturally with the volcanic activity on the island. The springs are especially beautiful in the snowy winter, and the water still quite toasty.

The Dunes of Lencois, Brazil

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil. It’s an area composed of sand dunes that gets flooded by rainwater every year to create these gorgeous freshwater lagoons. One of the places I must visit in my lifetime.

Pamukkale - Turquia // Памуккале, Турция

1995 - Natural phenomenom in Turkey. Pammukale is a gorgeous natural tourist attraction in Turkey. It's a bunch of ever-changing cascading pools formed by hot springs, which trickle down and re-deposit the limestone-based travertines.

Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, is the largest living thing on Earth, and even visible from outer space.  The 2,300 km long ecosystem comprises thousands of refs and hundred of islands made of over 600 types of hard and soft coral.  Photo: google+

Such a beautiful experience swimming with all the sea creatures along the great barrier reef, Queensland, Australia

Pamukkale, Turkey (2000 hits).

Cotton Castle - Pamukkale, Turkey (terraces of carbonate minerals formed due to flowing water)

Pamukkale (The Cotton Castle), Turkey