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Mobius Strip Original

Hello Friends, After seeing the Mobius Strip modeled and animated in Autodesk Inventor by barta I wanted to try it i.

mobius strip

(Z)entangled hearts made from two Moebius strips In the previous challenge Laura had spoken a little about her son Artoo's disorder.

mobius strip psychoanalysis - Google Search

mobius strip psychoanalysis - Google Search

Art and Science: Mobius Strips •

Art and Science: Mobius Strips. These are the loops were you can start drawing a line on one side and (seemingly) magically end up on the other side. But did you know that if you cut them in half along that line you get a bigger loop, not two pieces?

Mobius Kart Created by Matt Needham ||...

Mario Kart 8 + M. This is a parody I drew of Escher's marching ants design 'Mobius Strip II'. A mobius strip, figure eight drivers, endless .

Typography Inspiration Search Results — Designspiration

Every day for 100 days, Jessica Svendsen redesigned a canonical Josef Müller-Brockmann poster according to four criteria: line, circle, movement, and sound. Part of the 100 Days Workshop with Michael Bierut at the Yale School of Art.

cestlapianiste: my DNA Music’s in my soul :)

The Print Ad titled Kyiv Music College named by R.Glier: DNA was done by Kaffeine advertising agency for product: Kyiv Music College named by R.Glier (brand: Kyiv Music College) in Ukraine.

¿Te gusta el Jazz y el Blues?

I love the combination of the wine and the saxophone in this poster. This is a great example of a minimalist design with a double meaning. The saxophone represents the "Jazz & Blues" and the Pouring wine represents the winery where the even is being held.

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Hong Kong Professional Photographers Network The Portfolios 6 - Graphis Art Art director Poster Artwork Visual Graphic Mixer Composition Communication Typographic Work Digital (Like Grace's organic lettering)

00 Artdirector Artwork Art Visual Graphic Composition Poster creative inspiration illustration communication arts ~ Idea (Form in photo)

Rising sun

La Grande Vague by Joel Guenoun. Beautiful art themed on the Japanese flag - profit from sales go to support Red Cross efforts in Japan.

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# 8 - Love the gentle degradation in each quadrant into other graphics or images