Typography inspiration

Typographer Patrick Cabral

Typographer Beautifully Illustrates Instagram Followers Names

Typography Mania #287 / Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Such a gorgeous, loud, and in your face script type! There is a noticeable change in thick and thin strokes. The drop shadow actually works very well with this design too!

Sean Wes, I think

Typography inspiration

matthewtapia: Friends of Type Wednesday sketch. Final will be up on the site very soon-ish. Gotta give a midweek thanks to the FoT crew!

Typography Mania #278 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Never forget made by Jan Renor Curioso, designer from the Phillipines. Inspired by a quote from ‘the game of thrones’ series, he decided to craft this one by thinking out of his own box.