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“ kirliq: “ I edited this vine to have that echoey effect Bill’s voice has and I ” ellen im LOSING MY SHIT ”

gravity falls dipper - Buscar con Google

His bill cipher tattoo, triangle stick man one eye hat lights colors shapes, Gravity Falls Bill Cipher that evil isosceles “ELOO LV ZDWFKLQJ ” translated into "Bill Is Watching." No joke I did by myself, I have memorized the Ceasar Cipher

oh the feels. I feel like a sponge soaking in all this emotion (if you know danisnotonfire you know what I mean )

Robbie's Feels by Axels-inferno on deviantART love this other than the fact that they used the wrong form of 'there' at one point

gravity falls animated GIF

(forgot i had this in my drafts), but here’s a montage of every time dipper says ‘mabel,’ as requested here and here by and the-sixth-month!