Merendon and Aragorn

This beautiful piece of artwork is a fairly accurate representation of what my characters will be doing this winter. Life is rough; the winter cold and the shadows colder.

inkdrocket: “ Keeper of the Forest by *DestructorCAT ”

Another piece from school : ) our theme was "tree" ---- Help Support me on Patreon!PSD file, LineArt, Hi-Res, Step-by-Step and other vario. Keeper of the Forest

I may have gone overboard with the sparkles in this one, but I don’t give two shits! >:)

The other pic perfectly emobodies The Siren, but this is a cool visual for her power. :D (Aelin Galathynius) < this is the dovahkiin shouting, not a siren

Arqueiro, Rastreador

Torrin let fly shaft after shaft against the heavily armed soldiers to no avail. Their armor rendered his broad heads useless, and the hail of arrows would hold them off no longer.

" follow the path, don't let your guard down. "

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