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Le mouton noir: Little Black Lamb. It looks just like our baby pet lamb 'Sheba' that bottle fed when we were little.


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Un porcellino e il suo amico coniglio <3 | Tenerezza cercasi. I 100 cuccioli più belli | #Ilovepet #Pet #love

Cute animal pictures: 100 of the cutest animals! - Cute animal pictures: 100 of the cutest animals!

io non sono normale: IO AMO

It's a baby donkey! Or is it a baby burro? I've always wanted a baby burro!

E' nato un piccolo asino-zebra: uno zonkey!

Meet Ippo the Zonkey. She's the foal of a male zebra & a female donkey born at an Italian animal reserve in July So cute!

Shrek! The New Zealand sheep who lived in caves for 6 years, and looked like this when he was discovered in 07/13! This experienced farmer gave him a nice gentle shear, and he is probably much more comfortable!

This New Zealand sheep avoided shearing for 6 years by hiding in caves . it had enough fleece for 20 suits when it was finally sheared. Hopefully it felt a bit cooler and lighter afterwards! Hiding in caves. i love it.

The happiest and calmest you'll ever see these animals. haha I really want them.

The animals depicted in these images are so happy they look like they just can't stop smiling.There's no way you can feel sad when looking at these photos of insanely happy and adorable animals.