Criminal Leader Grey - advanced by Grosnez Illustrateur | Fantasy | 2D | CGSociety

Artist: Unknown name aka Grosnez - Title: LotC-Criminal Leader Grey Evo - Card: Cold-Blooded Asimov (Schemer)

Vampire Vda-logo_by crow-god(Xu)_from DeviantArt (  #crow-god #LegendoftheCryptids

Vampire Vda-logo by crow-god on deviantART. What a powerful and delicious Vampire this handsome Cryptid is.

Alice Land

dtk-womenwarriors: “ ART BY ARANTZA SESTAYO ” Check out this beautiful woman warrior by Spanish artist Arantza Sestayo- I love the soft-yet-deadly energy in the watercolour illustration.

Highland Laird of the mist

Celtic Thorin Oakenshield / King Under the Mountain / fanart / The Hobbit / alternative Tolkien

female, glowing weapon, dark hair, crown, fantasy, gold

Legend of the Cryptids female elf sword fighter paladin ranger armor clothes clothing fashion player character