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I feel like.... We just want to get away!! And swim........ Swim with the sea. And be a mermaid

you think it would be pretty cool too. the ariel version. not a dangerous siren man-eating one.)Infact,id prefer it,to Ariel anyway.Go REAL mermaids!

Black mermaid princess

Love, love, LOVE the dark skin, the black hair, and the gorgeous tail spread out like train for a queen. Beautiful example of how I picture a mermaid queen

aerienette: “ ☽◯☾ ”

"I plunge in, immersed in the deep blue abyss of my being, suspended in a dream, a liminal limbo between knowing myself and losing myself completely." ~Melpomene Selemidis 'Sirens Of Santorini '

"Yes, I'll be the Queen" Young Blair // Blair. Auburn hair. She is second in line for the throne. She learn etiquette and manners with Alice. Jealous of her rival, She tries to kill Alice by a ruse

"Hail to the Queen" Anna Claire posing for a birthday shoot. Photo by Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography. Anna Claire in vintage wedding dress with a crown fit for the young queen.

Mermaids + Marine + Metallics - Oracle Fox : Oracle Fox

Disney's Little Mermaid, lét mig dreyma um, að verða hafmeyja einn góðan dag.