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Neo Hipster - ha un manuale che spiega l'ABC dell'hipsteria: Atteggio, Baffo, Converse.

The Hipster Owner's Manual [Infographic

saber si eres hipster

reading, la mode, Et vous, êtes-vous un hipster ? So fun to use for descriptions or inversion, especially if you have fashionistas in your class.

Astromech Droid – Retro-futuristic advertising for R2D2 | Ufunk.net

Astromech Droid – Retro-futuristic advertising for R2D2

Hipster Party @ Dock Bar!!! - Franco-Americans in Paris / franco-américains à Paris (Paris) - Meetup

Hipster Party @ Dock Bar!!!

famosos-hipster-estilo-people-celebs-estrellas-modaddiction-moda-fashion-hipster-style-men-women-trends-tendencias-hollywood-art-arte I'm half of these

The Shared Office Printer Instruction Manual

The Shared Office Printer Instruction Manual

So..does that make me a hipster or an old person. Because I like all those things =]

Hipster vs. old people.

hipsters & old people Omgosh, I know soooo many ppl who r into stuff that I think is so daggy. Except tea. I'm obsessed with tea! But what is it bout that stuff? Oh yeah, they weren't even THOUGHT of wen that stuff was around the first time!

Movie-Themed Sounds. I'd never really thought about how these sounds would be different in other languages...interesting.

Movie Themed Sounds

Funny pictures about Movie Themed Sounds. Oh, and cool pics about Movie Themed Sounds. Also, Movie Themed Sounds photos.



created at: 03/16/2012

Infographic of the Day: Geek vs. Hipster

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