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Era degli assassini

Different time periods in the Assassin's Creed games. Taught me history better than my teacher.

Everything Assassin's Creed! : Photo

Everything Assassin's Creed! : Photo

escape by: doubleleaf on deviantART

Escape by doubleleaf And Altaïr's just crouched there on the cliff.

AC3- Name Game by cherrysplice

Assassin's Creed Name Game by cherrysplice on Deviantart. Haytham and Connor Kenway. (This is way no one likes Haytham.

Video Games Vs. Real Life  Real life has far too many coding issues lol

Funny pictures about Videogames vs. Oh, and cool pics about Videogames vs. Also, Videogames vs.

There is no such a thing as "play too much Assassin's Creed"

There is no such a thing as "play too much Assassin's Creed" *Too bad they spelled "too" incorrectly on this fab image.

To all the assassins'

To all the assassins'

Altaïr: The Mentor, Ezio: The Messenger, Connor: The Warrior, Desmond: The Chosen One and Edward: The Drunk - Assassin's Creed

Assassin Legacy - we are one, but we are all.

assassin's creed fan art A little sad story.may be about love or friendship,well,that's up to you Otherworld