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I don't believe in Larry but they are good friends and we've ruined that friendship for them. It really sucks because to this day they still look really distant from each other but yeah

It looks like it

The fact that I can tell who's ear that is shows how much of a directioner I am (its louis)

Oh my god, plz someone help me. I just can't hold back my tears....

The first to last is actually Louis pulling Harry away from an interviewer that was getting a lil pushy

Gefällt 374 Mal, 3 Kommentare - 41k Smoll KittensAKF❤️ (@larrystylinson) auf Instagram: „To everyone that message me last night, thank you! It means a lot knowing people are willing to…“

basically just some pictures and sometimes texts about larry's life and stuff. highest ranking: in random.

Larry Stylinson Proof specially provided by co-captain of S.S Larry, Captain Niall Horan

XD lol First Harry got Niall into tight skinnies and now this.

One of the biggest Larry proofs tbh<<< ok so am I the only one who does this with my friends?<<< You know just because someone winks at you, it doesn't mean that they mean it in a flirtatious way or a lovey dovey way.

oh my gosh.... I am crying [on the inside]. THIS is why I love one directon. Their music is great, they're all cute... but this...this is it. guys, please don't ever change <3

That is one of the sweetest things I have ever read Zayn Malik - One Direction quotes! ♥ hotty sexy and this is why I love him so much! He speaks the truth of all the things that I can't ever say it how I feel.

Everyone behind them is MMmmm x')<<<*chanting LARRY LARRY LARRY!*

Niall is basically Larry' child. Like, he's seriously everywhere Larry is and it's adorable