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Dolls Takeshi Kitano) / Cinematography by Katsumi Yanagijima

Dolls, Takeshi Kitano -- Bound by a long red red cord, a young couple wanders in search of something they have tragically lost. An aging yakuza boss mysteriously returns to the park where he once met his long-past girlfriend. A disfigured pop star confronts the phenomenal devotion of her biggest fan.

My favorite Takeshi Kitano film. Dolls goes away from the action side of Kitano and brings out a lovely romance in the vein of his earlier film A Scene at th.

Dolls - Takeshi Kitano has an incredible range, register, tessitura:::

Dolls Matsumoto and Sawako, the two main characters, spend most of the film physically connected by a red rope

paristexas.gif (780×312)

paristexas.gif (780×312)