Jean Patchett, 1951.

This captivating look from model Jean Patchett was captured by the photographer Clifford Coffin. For the July cover of Vogue magazine, she wears a hooded rebozo with black and gold stripes…

Headdress To Impress! - MosaMuse - MosaMuse

Headpiece for Bellenora Otherys, the Black Pearl of Braavos and called the most beautiful woman in the world by the singers of Braavos, Marcel van der Vlugt, “Heavenly Creatures,” 1996

1953 beach outfit

*LOVE that hat and the pattern and style of the swimsuit. I was born in the wrong era. Jean Patchett in a striped bathing suit, Photo by Milton Greene.

This dynamic shape draws immediate emphasis on the triangle leading to the front of the decolte. Jean Patchett by Irving Penn Vogue 1949

vintage Vogue

Vogue Cover - April 1959 - Talking Points

Vogue Cover - April 1959 - Talking Points Giclee Print autor Richard Rutledge w Allposters.

vintage vogue

Tomorrow’s the Fourth of July, and you can bet we’ll be decked out in red, white and blue all day long (any excuse to wear those patriotic impulse purchases). girl has made the American flag into a fashion statement i.