Lovely Pastel Purple Orchid

Orchids are expensive, elegant, dainty, and rare. There are over 800 types of orchids, and they can be found pretty much everywhere in the world.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree (Bauhinia blakeana).   ["Flower-detail of Bauhinia blakeana (Family: Fabaceae)".]      Google search:  "Bauhinia blakeana, commonly called the Hong Kong Orchid Tree, is a legume tree of the genus Bauhinia, with large thick leaves and striking purplish red flowers. Wikipedia."

Flower-detail of Bauhinia blakeana [Family: Fabaceae; Flower of Bauhinia×blakeana is the floral emblem of Hong Kong. Also, a stylized flower of it appears on the Hong Kong flag.

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Dendrobium pierardii

Dendrobium pierardii, has now had a name change and is known as Dendrobium cucullatum. This is the orchid that I went chasing into Burma to find in its natural habitat. Best examples I found were growing at the Rangoon markets, in old jam tins!



how to care for orchids and get more blooms | Garden Club

how to care for orchids and get more blooms

Orchids are exotic beauties and some may need more attention than others, but many are as easy to grow as ordinary houseplants.


Orchids, Hawaii, my Mom carried 3 very lard orchids that looked like this in her wedding bouquet!

Beautiful Purple and White Orchid Flower at the Southern California Spring Garden Show 2014.

There were many orchids for sale at the Southern California Spring Garden Show. Check out these beautiful orchid photos from the 2014 Spring Garden Show.

Camaridium ampliflorum - Thanks to Rick van Egdom, who previously pinned this to one of my more generic floral boards.