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DIY cat self-petting station. Need: 2 toilet bowl brushes, a board roughly 12"x12", a block of wood 1"x1"x1", carpet to cover the board, guerrilla glue or hot glue, a Staple gun and Spraypaint (optional).:

Vorresti realizzare la cuccia per il tuo amico, ma sei a corto di idee fai da te? Ve ne mostriamo ben 25

Attmos from Instructables shared this wonderful DIY project of making self-petting station for cats. This is a fun little project that can be completed in an hour or two depending on what you have laying around the house. It’s a self-petting station!

Very nosy: With its trunk positioned inside the toilet bowl, the elephant sucks up the water

The elephants that enjoy drinking from a toilet in Botswana

Leaning over the walls of the open roofed bathroom at a safari park in Botswana, elephants come to drink the toilet water during the day and night. It is thought the elephants in the park prefer.

Imagem - Educação Infantil - Aluno On

Imagem - Educação Infantil - Aluno On

The toilet bowl isn't your only option, goldfish owners.

Goldfish who can't swim upright gets a wheelchair

Fish Wheelchair: Owner Saved His Goldfish By Making Him An Underwater Wheelchair So He Can Swim Upright

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There's Something Wrong with This Hiding Spot!


Enjoy a Catpuccino with Your Morning Links

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Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear Craft | Kids' Crafts | FirstPalette.com

fuzzy bears from paper plates/bowls and tissue or paper towell strips//Animal train craft

Interesting, Funny And Creative Inventions Of 2011 on http://www.topdesignmag.com

Interesting, Funny And Creative Inventions Of 2011

toilet water bowl - Keeping pets away from drinking water from the toilet can get frustrating for pet owners; for such cases, this Toilet Water Bowl will be a fun and .

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KiKi has loved lounging in the sink since she was a kitten. She is not a kitten anymore.

Post with 66993 views. KiKi has loved lounging in the sink since she was a kitten. She is not a kitten anymore.

Pets are part of my life so I always make my rooms pet-friendly. To keep your rooms attractive, the number-one rule is to keep your pets clean. If you allow dogs on the furniture, have quilts and fake fur throws that can be easily cleaned and tossed over the seats and back cushions so dogs are always welcome. Find good-looking dog beds —I love fake-fur ones—they look good in any room. Find interesting flat-bottomed heavy bowls for water (we use a blue-and-white Chinese one). - Bunny Williams

An authentic Chinese porcelain foot bath, reproduced in the same dimensions as classic Ming dynasty era designs. The glaze is classic oriental blue and

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NEW Auto Refilling Ceramic Toilet Water Bowl For Dog / Cat Fits 2 Liter Bottle

Dog Toilet Bowl, totally need this for my dogs, who refuse just about everything but toilet water!