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Signing yearbooks & having everyone else sign yours.

Signing yearbooks (and getting lots of signatures) was a big deal back then. I still have all of my yearbooks. Looking through them is a real blast from the past!

Peddy Pants!

Adjustable Length Petti Pants - finally your half slip did not hike up inside your skirt - and no sewing in a hem if you cut these off. Just cut at the lace edge to get the lenght you needed!

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Avon Sweet Honesty---this and Love's Baby Soft were most teenage girls' perfume of choice the at least among the girls I knew. (I loved and had them both.) Must have perfume, the best

I would swing high on purpose to knock my cousins off so i could have it all to myself... I was bossy from the start.... Lol

My friend Carolyn & I swung so high we toppled the swing set over.We survived,got the wind knocked out of us. We were much more careful after that incident.

Baby Shoe Lace Keepers by HazeyJaneVintage on Etsy1498 x 1500 | 354.3KB | www.etsy.com

baby shoe lace keepers- remember my baby brother wearing these to keep him from untying his shoes.

SRA Reading Program---3rd grade for me. I remember learning about birds with this system.

SRA Reading Cards - do you remember these SRA reading card sets at school? You had to work your way up through the different colours for the different reading levels.

Playing "Mother, May I?"

Childhood Memories ~Red Light - Green Light - played this all the time with neighborhood friends.

Tame!.....my mom made me use this to keep my hair from tangling. So is this the same as conditioners of today?

Tame Cream Rinse to get out the tangles.This was the first time we used anything but shampoo on our hair--so revolutionary!

For storing your 45's

Vintage 45 record cases - mine matched the portable 45 record player - both were a present for my birthday from my parents, Mine was green; I still have it full of singles!

vintage baby book - just like mine

Baby book with fabric cover. My mother's baby book is white; my husband's baby book is in blue.

vintage plaid lunch box. I had one exactly like this one. Gosh I wish I had it now .

Metal lunch box & Thermos and don't forget the glass thermos. Still remember dropping my lunch box on the sidewalk and hearing glass when shaking my thermos.

Remember colored toilet paper...lol

I think they should bring back the colorful toilet paper, especially the floral print lol

Gum wrapper chain LOVED making these

Gum wrapper chains-Loved making them and finding the wrappers so I didn't have to literally chew all the gum. Sad that gum doesn't really have wrappers like this anymore.

Women's Electric Razor... wish I had kept mine, my first razor and looked just like this one.

women's electric razor~similar to the one my mother had when we were growing up.

Wanted - J C Penney Adonna Pretty Please - ah yes, the beginner's bra.

They used to be called "training bras" and I wanted one before I needed one! When I had to have one, I felt grown up for a fleeting second, then I hated to wear it! It felt SO uncomfortable!