[GIF] Dean Winchester and Amara's kiss .... 11x09 - I knew this was going to happen... I was surprised it didn't occur in the first episode :P

[GIF] Dean Winchester and Amara's kiss . - I knew this was going to happen. I was surprised it didn't occur in the first episode :P

smiling Dean [gif] ...so handsome...just watch the crinkles appear. :) #Supernatural

I love it when Dean smiles. We see it so rarely it seems like a novelty when it happens .


I know, lol, but everytime I see it pop on my dash i'm like "AY DIOS MIO!", followed by utter frustration. How can he be THAT FUCKING PERFECT ALL AROUND?!

Birthday Surprise Jensen x Reader Word Count: Warnings: Just fluff in this one.· Summary: You grew up being best friends with the Ackles family. Mostly Jensen’s sister, Mackenzie, who you are.

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Imagine that this is deanmon and you are deans half sibling. He lays you down on a table and is trying to decide how to torture you<<<<noooo you wake up and this is the first thing you see

Demon Dean - 10x02 Reichenbach - I get the feeling he's plotting just how he's going to torture and kill Sam and Crowley.

I love how at the end of this gif it looks like he's looking right at you. Even though it's only for a split second it makes my lady parts quiver <-- this -Lex

Dean - 5x04 The End :(

jacklesonmymind: “i just want to wipe away that tear and hold him and tell him everything is going to be better. but that would have been a lie, ouch.