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Paintedfirelady: Had a random inspiration while listening to this song. I had a story idea in my mind and I was supposed to make a small comic, but for now Ihave to settle for this little thingy

paintedfirelady: ““Cause you throw your head back laughing like a little kid I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny cause he never did I’ve been spending the last eight months Thinking all love ever does is break, and burn, and end But on a.

Modern Zatara. I like how Avatar ended, but I did always like to entertain the thought of Zuko and Katara getting together. They're just so cute together, too.

Commissioned by the talented artist nymre She does amazing art and was the one who created this modern Zuko and Katara for me. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS ART // She didn't make it for me and I don't really ship Zutara (fight me) but I love this ❤️

2 of them r written by then same person mind u

That's what I'm screaming! You can't judge Doctor Who by the first episode!<<< hop into the TARDIS for some puh puh puh pizza