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reviseordie: “ This is what my revision wall looked like this time last year. So gutted I got rid of these note cards. I’m so dumb.

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Animal cells down, Plant cells here I come! If anyone wants to know how i make these or have any other questions about them, just ask :)

If you are a visual learner you are more likely to remember material if pictures, diagrams (or maps), and bright colours are used!

dibujo de un diagrama con texto perfectamente alineado en una hoja de papel

20 Tareas escolares que se acercan a la perfección, pagarías a estas personas para que hicieran la tuya

grxeek: raspstudying: - So i promised to post the ready one, here it is! :) Im happy with it. I spent the whole day with the digestive system but now i feel quite confident about knowing it.

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Let's Struggle Together — Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration Summary...

Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration Summary Sheets hallo there! I got TON of messages asking if i could post the complete sets of my bio study sheets so here they are! First two are photosynthesis,.