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Peter Capaldi and Pikachu

Check Out Peter Capaldi’s Costume For ‘Doctor Who’ And The Memes It Inspired

Oh Mr. Potato Head, have I ever told you how HYSTERICAL you are?

Strax plans to lure the Doctor to a place of safety and melt him with acid! Correction: not melt him with acid!

Peter Capaldi in Fires of Pompeii, Docotr Who. Great, now he's the next Doctor? He must've REALLY wanted that Tardis back...

Lol, Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillian were both in the episode "the fires of Pompeii" and the tenth doctor!

...I need to memorise this.

Tick tock goes the clock he cradled and he rocked her. Tick tock goes the clock 'til River kills the Doctor.

Willy Wonka / Doctor Who theory. Unfounded, of course, but very imaginative and smart! It's been years since I read 'The Great Glass Elevator,' but it is very Doctor Who, isn't it?

Willy Wonka / Doctor Who theory. So can we have a Willy Wonka/Magic School Bus Xover where this final Doctor meets River/Frizzle?

The Doctor's Companions: Rose (Billie Piper), Martha (Freema Agyeman), Donna (Catherine Tate), and Amy (Karen Gillan). Rose is so beautiful!

Dr. Who!

Dr who in a nut shell. This is what happens to your life when time travel is an everyday occurrence. "Time travel, when never meet in the right order."<<< never apply logic to doctor who

Fantastic, brilliant. This has got to be one of the best Doctor Who pins I've seen.

Ahahahaha that's so evil! The super smug grin on Matts face at the end is perfect! :) in the end im an eleven girl

The XV Doctor remembers...

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory Fanart [This is so sad. :'( ] Cause you know my heart doesn't hurt enough

Doctor Who .... Brilliant.

"There's something here that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick." The synopsis of every single episode.