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Brilliantly Sexy Durex Condom Advertisement

23 Brilliantly Sexy Durex Condom Advertisements

In a World where we are bombarded with advertisements, sometimes the best advertisements are the ones that make us laugh and smile. In the condom industry,

An overly sensationalized ad meant to evoke emotion about smoking similar to hatred felt towards terrorists.

I find this pin offensive because they are comparing cigarettes and to say why don't we call this terroism.

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Creative advertising

McDonald's: Happy Halloween - 25 Examples of Brilliant and Creative Advertising. - This first ad is so clever and great for Halloween!

Nike running edificio

68 ejemplos de publicidad creativa en edificios

Nike's "Run Through The Wall" ad spans two buildings: the first one's got a cracked image of the building in the shape of the running man, while the second one has the actual runner with the Nike logo.

Advertisement by CP+B, United Kingdom

Outdoor advertisment created by CP+B, United Kingdom for Letgo, within the category: Professional Services.

Copy: Love the Taxi color they used and used 2 lines to achieve their advertisement purposes.

Best ad ever. Taxi ad in a bus stop! So clever! Someone's marketing department is ads commercial commercial ads ads ads

Trick-or-Treating: 36 ScaryPrint Ads to Scare You

Trick-or-Treating: 36 Halloween Print Ads to Scare You


The Print Ad titled WINTER BITE was done by J. Walter Thompson London advertising agency for product: Baileys (brand: Bailey's) in United Kingdom.