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You Aint Gon' Do Shit.nothing but talk cause thats all you do is flap them lips & talk shit & nothing happens.Bitch make ass!

Ain't that the truth!

Keep your head high, and your middle finger higher. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

Ha ha

I'm street, so look both ways before you cross me.don't test my inner chola homegirl

And there u go

People always seem to underestimate me. They play me and take me for the biggest ride in my life, use me for their games, use me till they cant take any more from me. Yet I continue. Learn not to fuck with me That goes to you rick

Go Fuck Yourself. With class! << Well, it's not quite Shakespeare, but it's still amusing!


Never insult me like that again. Better that you keep your mouth closed. I gave up my children as a sacrifice for my love for you! Never ever say I didnt love you again!

So true...

so true. And I can't wait to listen to music again. to fall in love with the lyrics. I haven't listened to music for years. I hated music when I was with her. no love song applied and every shitty song did.


HEY, I found your nose. It was in my business again. Seriously, mind your own business!

JUST ADD ME ALREADY!!!!! I already added u n blocked me cuz . Ur a coward n only like to talk shit about olivia n i behind my back n act like ur better n over it... hypocriteassjennifer davis.

Ur a coward n only like to talk shit but I don't see you running up.

And BOOM!!!!!

face it your lame as bitch, pathetic like I said before and I'll say it again talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Little girl step off your not on my level you live in the gutter.

I do

I’m shy at first but… I do the stupidest random shit when I get comfortable with someone.

All ready on the Range? FIRE!!!

Funny and or stupid signs about guns. Funny signs about the second amendment. Funny signs and quotes about gun control.