First Look: ARMOR WARS #1 - Comic Vine

Armor Wars variant cover - Iron Gwen and Iron Pig by David Lafuente *

IronShogun Singapore-based artist Eman Jeman, who we featured previously, is back with a new collection of illustrations featuring Iron Man.

Ironheart  ...

Ironheart ...

Iron Man Armor - Marvel Comics Database

Iron Man Armor

Gallery Marvel Universe Note: While each individual Iron Man armor in most alternate.

adigranovart: “My cover for Invincible Iron Man Hip-Hop Variant inspired by Missy Elliott’s Under Construction album Acrylic paint and oil pencils on watercolour board I love this character, I hope there are great things ahead for her.

Guardians of the Galaxy

New Funko Pops Coming in 2016

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN Teams Up with Multiversal Spideys in #33 First Look |

The Superior Spider-Man is back and leading a team of Spideys in this Spider-Verse tie-in exclusive first look.

All-New Amazing Spider-Man #1 Variant by Mark Bagley

All-New Amazing Spider-Man Variant by Mark Bagley. I'm not liking it. I am actually not liking this "all new, all different" Marvel shit tbh, let's hope it gets better