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I love Hector! One of Michael Vick's fighting dogs, Hector, now enjoys life as a therapy dog by visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. These dogs deserve a second chance.

DIY Dog Dress - 12 DIY Dog Clothes and Coats | How To Make Cute Outfits For Your Furry Pet by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/diy-dog-clothes-and-coats/

DIY Clothes Ideas for Your Dogs

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Separation Anxiety A behaviour modification plan. I love learning new training methods and techniques.

Michael Phelps, the Baltimore native who earned a record-breaking 22 medals over the course of four Olympics, also earned the admiration and respect of animal lovers everywhere after adopting a Catahoula mix he saw on The Today Show’s segment of “Bow to Wow”.

Michael Phelps rescued Catahoula Pitbull mix, Stella Good for both of them.


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It Really Is the Dog's Home, We Just Pay the Mortgage

It really is the dog's home, we just pay the mortgage (absolutely true at our house!