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Psycho-Pass Episode 20 - Akane's resolve, Kougami's chase and Makishima's delight - Entravity

Psycho-Pass Episode 20 - Akane's resolve, Kogami's chase, and Makishima's delight.

Shogo Makishima - Psycho-Pass

"You can play any character and yet in the end, you yourself are nobody. That's how you could wear any mask all over your smooth, featureless face and have it fit perfectly"

Good point.

"Pain tends to heal as time passes, but personally, I don't want time to heal my wounds" -Ciel Phantomhive

Ene  Anime : mekaku city actors

Ene Anime : mekaku city actors Why do I love this as much as I do?

"Your sure say some funny things. Solitude? Does that only apply to me? Who isn't alone in this society? The time when our connection to others was the basis of our selves is long gone. In this world where everyone is watched over by the system and live within the system's standards, a community isn't necessary. Everyone just lives in their own cell, and the system tames them by giving them each their own personal . . ."

The main antagonist was right in many instances (he just needed to stop committing crimes, lol) >> This is what made the show interesting. It made it harder to tell who is right.

This is beautiful. I don't even play most of these games. <-- same here, but these quotes make me wish that I played these games.

Memorable video game quotes from some well-knowm and some more obscure games. My favourite list so far