Easy cane Flower - Poppy Polymer clay tutorial - YouTube - and Mo has several other very good polyclay tutes as well!

Here you'll find polymer clay projects every WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY pm Italian time). I wish to share my polymer clay passion with those who cannot attend .

▶ Tropical Flower Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial | Millefiori Cane | Murrina Fiore Tropicale - YouTube by archidee

In this tutorial we show to make a colorful cane using the remains of other jobs. It is a very easy murrina and with many possibilities.

(136) Teresa Pandora Salgado - YouTube - YouTube

(136) Teresa Pandora Salgado - YouTube - YouTube

▶ Millefiori Cane Tutorial · Rainbow Flower by Sesebella's Jewellery on YouTube

So I can't do most of this because I don't have that cool machine and I don't quite know what she is saying, but the middle of the flower is gorgeous and I think I could do that pretty well.

Poppy Cane

Flower Cane Tutorial in French. Interesting way to do the petals so that they are not so uniform.