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23 Posts That Prove Tumblr Is The Punniest Place On Earth

This fun is so funny

This fun is so funny

And other planets moon's have cool names, like charon ( but we just call our moon, Moon. Earth 's moon is moon moon.

They're not wrong. Godzilla had absolutely no interest in assisting the continental army.

If I was a teacher and I got clever answers like this I'd give my students half credit.

Something tumblr has taught me

"But honey, think of the children! the accident. The accident I was in because of reasons. for scientific reasons." She puts her arm around him. "It wasn't your fault. The stars were not in position.

Caffeine is surprisingly powerful, especially when paired with sleep debt.<<<for some reason when I read Thai I didn't think debt as in deprivation but instead actual debt like you owe someone sleep.

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lmao so I read the odyssey in class (the shortened version obv) and I didn't think it was that funny because like it was for school and stuff but now it's hilarious oml