R.I.P Iwata by PheonixBirdofFIre46.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

he was a great guy who made every adult and kids enjoy what he made i have some great memories from him from smash bros trailer and year of luigi .P Iwata

Roy is confused

im Ruba and this is where i'll be posting my doodles, prompts are welcome but i may not always draw.

We Understand by Agu-Fungus on DeviantArt

I'm very sad about Satoru Iwata's passing, but he will always continue to live on in our Nintendo Gamer hearts.

Iwata tribute Miiverse - Leoparade's post

Miiverse is a service that lets you communicate with other players from around the world. It is accessible via Wii U and systems in the Nintendo family.

Forgetting Someone? by Gabasonian on deviantART

Most of you already know that Rosalina is a playable character in Super Mario World, in addition to Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Blue Toad (I ran outta s. Forgetting Someone?